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Habanero versus the Thunderstorm

Posted on July 28, 2012 | 0 comments

Our dog Pepper, curled upSo the name that came to me in a dream, (Seriously, a dream. Don't ask me why or how) has turned out to be more fitting than I could have imagined. Pepper is still the baby at the dog park but you would never know it by how she marches around there. She has no apprehension and no fear. She could be play fighting Budah, the year old Pitbull or playing chase with Dino the 150 pound Great Dane, either way she plays with reckless abandon and without fear. She just doesn't flinch, and never backs down. Every once in a while, this will lead to a scrap, as dogs always try to set their pack hierarchy. This is where the name turned out to be so fitting. We often joke that we'll have to take her name to the next level... Jalapeno or maybe Habanero.


I've been quite envious of her unwavering strength and confidence, and wished I was more like her - even beat myself up a bit that I wasn't, until today. There was this crazy thunderstorm this morning and a sudden, loud clap of thunder/lightening took us both by surprise. Pepper freaked, barked loudly and ran around in circles as if she was being chased by a demon version of Dino. I first laughed, and then I realized how scared she was. Eventually I had her on my lap, stroking her head so she would stop shaking. It was then I realized that as much as I love her spicy attitude and cheeky confidence, I love that she still has those weak moments, when she needs me. There are still things she needs me to do for her. And I'll cherish the 20mins I got to hold her and comfort her, 'cos knowing our little Habanero, I know when the next thunderstorm rolls 'round, she won't be as scared.


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