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4 of my Favorite Housewife Blogs

Posted on February 13, 2013 | 0 comments

Here are some great blogs that I try to keep with.  I hope you all will subscribe to them and find the same inspiration I have. 

1. Fab Housewife by Hawlie Ohe (www.fabhousewife.com)

This blog is really a one-stop shop for all topics any housewife would be interested in. It focuses on everything, including shopping, decor, interior design, lifestyle and food. There are great posts for inspiration and D.I.Y projects, that I have loved and that I am sure any independent, crafty woman - housewife or not - would too!

2. A content Housewife by Lianne Stewart (www.acontenthousewife.com)

I just love how personal this blog is. Lianne posts about everything in her life, including her adorable daughter, Lydia. There are also great posts on projects she's done, with one of my favourites being the one on Lydia's nursery. I have also been able to relate to some of the posts, like "This is home."  Her writing is great and the giveaways every now and then aren't bad either.

3. Housewife blogger (www.housewifeblogger.com)

This blog is all about marriage and sex, and sex in marriage. It's a wonderfully honest and raunchy account of the bloggers sex life in her marriage as well as her baby-making escapades. I love that it's so honest and tongue-in-cheek about issues all married women deal with. She doesn't post that often, but when she does, the posts are brilliant!

4. Not just a Housewife by Stacy (www.notjustahousewife.net)

I love this blog, if only for just one thing - the absolutely great D.I.Y projects done to her own home. One of my favorites is the post on the Stenciled ceiling. It's definitely one project i'd like to try, when I get up the courage. There is so much inspiration for home decor and useful tutorials to guide you through various projects you might like to try.

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