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Say hello to Pepper

Posted on July 03, 2012 | 0 comments

So what was supposed to be a exploratory trip to the North Shore Animal league to look at puppies, turned into an actual adoption.  We were in the last room ready to leave when this beautiful lab mix wrapped us around her paw.  Say Hello to Pepper everyone!

Day 2...

Pepper's first bath

It seems Pepper, which is what we decided to call our new family member, is now getting the hang of this living with humans thing. She did her pooping thing on the newspaper (please Lord let this continue), and not right next to it, and even though she still keeps trying to sneak onto the couch, she's really well behaved and listens to commands.

She also seems to be recovering from her cold quite well, so she's alot more playful than she was at first. Still she isn't overly hyper, and for that I am grateful. Still have to watch her though, make sure she isn't biting anything other than her chew toy! Sometimes I just watch her sleeping, like now.Can't wait to be able to take her outside, and have play dates with other dogs...

I think Adrian was right when he said we picked a good one. As sad as the other dogs at the rescue center were, I'm glad we could give this one a home. :-) Now to find treats that don't stink up my hand...

Day 4, and already she's growing too quickly!

Adrian with our new dog Pepper

Pepper climbed the stairs all by herself today! I can't believe how quickly she figured it out. Since shegot here, she would stand at the bottom of the stairs - two paws on the first step - and moan at you looking down on her from the top. This morning however, she conquered it, and I have to give Adrian credit for this..

He had her practising, moving her paws up and down the stairs, much to my horror as I looked on worriedly, wondering if she would fall. I guess my reaction was normal, but it was also a good lesson. I realized that when we have kids one day, I will need to be stronger for their sakes, to make sure they are learning all they need to, even if it means failing. I'm also sure, more now than ever, that Adrian will be a great father.

As for 'the Pepper' (as Adrian calls her), she is using any opportunity to climb the stairs, although she isn't quite ready to come down on her own just yet...maybe tomorrow!


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