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I'll Never Miss Another Mother's Day

Posted on May 08, 2012 | 0 comments

Mom and I hugging at my wedding

When I was young, around 14  or 15, my family was going through a rough patch. My dad had been on an alcoholic binge, and as usual, we had no idea where he was for the whole weekend. Sunday was Mother's Day, and with the atmosphere being as tense and uncomfortable as it was, my sister and I didn't make my mother the usual 'breakfast in bed', as we assumed she was too busy worrying about my father. We didn't mention that we were also ashamed at having no money to buy her a gift, another tradition we performed (with my father's help) every year.

So we did nothing. She said nothing. It was only later on that afternoon that she confronted us about it, and we gave every excuse until she pointed out that we could have made cards like we used to when we were younger. We both went off to our rooms and made her cards saying sorry and wishing her a Happy Mother's Day. I didn't get it at the time, being in my teenage-induced stupidity phase, I thought she was making a mountain from a mole hill.

I get it now. Now that I realize how much she did and sacrificed for us and especially since she has accepted my husband as her own son, something I know he appreciates. She has always been an excellent example of strength and optimism, traits I wish I had got more of from her!

So I'll never forget another Mother's Day, or miss the opportunity to say, "Mommy I Love you!". And this Mother's Day, I'd also like to remember Violet Hamblin, my husband's mother, and thank her for raising such a perfect man. Hope everyone takes some time to show their mother's how much they are appreciated.

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