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Happy 1st Birthday Pepper!

Posted on March 01, 2013 | 0 comments

Ok, confession: today is not really her birthday, but because she was adopted, and they didn't know her exact birthday, we chose one. We figured out that she must have been born in March, so I chose my grandmother's birthday, the 1st, for her. It felt right somehow.

I can't believe my baby is a year old! She's grown so quickly. I guess that's the thing with a dog, they're in your life for a shorter time than a child, even though they feel like one. She's not a puppy anymore, but she'll always be my "Pup-pup" and I can't imagine my life without her, for many reasons.

I would miss the "dream barking" she does when passed out on the mat. She must be quite adventurous in her dreams, because she often moves her legs in her sleep like she's running and she makes this strange sound (which I can now imitate), which can only be described as "dream-barking".

She is my anti-anxiety charm. Adrian had read that having a dog could be good for people with anxiety disorders like I have. It's not the sole reason we got Pepper, but it was at the forefront of our minds. In those really anxious moments, even in the middle of a full blown attack, it's only Pepper who can calm me down.She will usually cuddle up to me in this specific way.  I don’t know how she knows or how she does it but I can feel the anxiety leaving me instantly.Must be some kind of dog-quan-do or something but it works.

I'd miss those submissive ears in the morning... Pepper is so… let’s say spicy, and there isn't much she's submissive about.  So I cherish the 30 – 60 seconds a day that I get that submissive look from her.It is usually when she wakes up, and if she hasn’t seen me for a while (when I say for a while, I mean 4 minutes).

Then there's the wet kisses and the fact that she's always happy to see us, no matter how long we've been gone. It's something I've tried to emulate in my daily life. Today though, I'm just grateful that God has blessed us with such a sweet, fun, and loving puppy. I'm grateful she chose us that day at North Shore Animal League, and I'm grateful for second chances. 




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