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What's for dinner?? An Easter Feast!

Posted on March 30, 2013 | 0 comments

I skipped What's for Dinner?? last week as I was so busy with, amongst other things, volunteering at my church. Advent Hope Seventh-Day Adventist Church, hosts an annual Easter Dinner.  and this year I was asked to help out with the food. They picked a Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean style cuisine and as much as it was a lot of work, it definitely was fun too. We got to go to a restaurant to try the cuisine first, and then decide on the menu:


Zaatar Bread (Pita Bread topped with a blend of special spices and olive oil)

Labneh (Home made yogurt dip with cucumber and mint)

Hummus (Chickpea puree with tahini and spices)

Feta 2 ways: Fried; marinated in olive oil and herbs
Baunjaun (Fried eggplant with Potato Garlic dip)


Dolmeh Felfel (Stuffed bell peppers with imitation "beef")

Morgh (Boneless "Chicken" with apricot sauce)

Shirazi Salad (Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red onion with mint and house dressing)

Sabzi (Oven baked Tomatoes and Eggplant; Pan-fried potato wedges)


Gulab Kulfi (Rose ice-cream served in a thin pastry shell with toasted almonds

Ranginak (Moist Iranian date cake with custard and caramel sauce)

The food was delicious! And the event coordinator Samia Rahman, who came up with the dish ideas, really pulled off a great event despite some ups and downs in the kitchen. All in all, a great event, with great food. Some of the dishes were really easy too, and I will share a few here soon! Also be sure to look out for my blog on salvaging Easter.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Have a great week!


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