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Sugar Baby Aprons and matching potholders just in!

Posted on April 12, 2013 | 0 comments

Just in time for the weekend, we have the latest additions to our store! Our friends at Sugar Baby Aprons, designed these unique aprons and matching potholders, perfect for the everyday or accidental housewife! They are so cute, they could turn the oridinary Suzie homemaker, sexy!

We have a few apron colors in the Party Girl Polka dot style:

  • Black and White Polka dot with a Pink sash
  • Black and White Polka dot with a Red sash
  • Pink and Black Polka dot with a Black sash
  • Pink and White Polka dot with a White sash

and matching polka dot potholders/oven mitts too!

  • Black and pink heart-shaped potholders
  • White and pink heart-shaped potholders
  • Black and White polka dot oven mitts

Now that Spring is here and the entertaining begins, these aprons are something you'd want to be caught in! So make sure you get your set here today and keep a look out for new additions to our store too!


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