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How Many Ways Can You Use Koteli Reusable Bags?

Posted on October 14, 2013 | 0 comments

As an emerging brand of reusable bags, Koteli combines sustainability and style with each bag.

They’re lead free, water and stain resistant, safe for food, safe for the environment and they do more than the common plastic bag.

Watching one’s environmental footprint is not just a growing trend it is truly a permanent way of life for some. Buying bags that can be used time and time again are often the first step people take when they are beginning to lean toward an eco-conscious mindset.

For those that are in search of new bags to meet these needs, Koteli reusable bags will not disappoint.

The Reusable Bag Revolution

Koteli Bags – Durable, Reusable bags have grown in popularity in recent years and Koteli bags are positioning themselves as a respected leader in the market. Their bags are redefining sustainability with the numerous ways in which they can be used. When you order your Koteli bag take pride in knowing that you are being proactive in reducing the world’s dependence on plastic bags, one re-usable bag at a time.

Koteli rates their bags to have a capacity of 65 pounds per bag. Some have used the bag to carry upwards of 75 or even 100 pounds depending on the nature of your cargo.

This is impressive capacity for a bag that folds into a nice little 5 inch by 5 inch square for easy storage. When you’re not using the bags you can easily store them in the corner of a shelf or tucked away inside of a drawer.

In comparison, some estimates say that the common plastic shopping bag can carry up to 17 pounds. Some claim that plastic bags are not all that bad for the environment claiming that the bags are recyclable and that people reuse the bags. While the latter may be true, it’s still common for people to throw the bags away due to the cheapness of the bags.

That’s where a more durable and stylish bag can take over while providing more capability.

Each time you use a Koteli bag you’re saving 3-4 plastic bags.

Stylish and Eco-Friendly

Koteli bags are presented foldable into a zip pouch, which makes for easy travel and are made of ripstop nylon. They take sustainability to the next level by making them 100% lead free. Another key feature of Koteli bags is that they are stain, mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant.

They are deeply committed to protecting the environment which is why they craft their bags they way that they do. Koteli aims to combat the incessant use of plastic bags, which are not biodegradable. Keeping plastic bags out of oceans in particular, is a chief reason why they have quickly became leaders in manufacturing sustainable and reusable bags.

Koteli Bags Are For More Than Just Shopping

While you might first think of them as just a shopping bag, the Koteli line of bags can be used in a number of ways. They comfortably accommodate the demands of most people’s lives depending on how one chooses to use them.

One way that you can use them is as a laundry bag for your delicates. Considering that Koteli bags are made of durable nylon, using them to store your most delicate separates will allow them to be preserved longer versus being mixed in with your more everyday attire.

Another idea for using Koteli bags is for carrying towels and sand toys to the beach. Carrying these items in sustainable bags allows you to not have to worry about putting wear and tear on the nicer bags that you own.

Use Koteli Bags At Home

Use Koteli bags to separate bulky items like shoes or books in suitcases when traveling or in your closet at home. The bags are great for keeping your small items separate and in their proper place.

You can also use your Koteli bags for storing hair accessories and toiletries underneath cabinets for safekeeping and organization.

At their affordable price point, Koteli bags can also be given as gifts as well. Think of those that are always in the need of durable bags such as; school teachers, parents, artists, photographers, and crafters, for your gift giving.

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