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We've been featured in Food Network Magazine!!!

Posted on September 17, 2013 | 1 comment
Annie Housewife Featured in Food Magazine

I know, I couldn't believe it myself! When I opened the email Adrian sent me, with a picture of our FMC concrete bowl beingfeatured in Food Network Magazine, I could hardly believe it. 

A few months ago, Adrian mentioned that an editor from Food Network Magazine had contacted him about featuring the bowls. I didn't think anything would come of it. I still didn't think anything would come of it when we sent the bowls to be photographed. It was only when I saw the article myself, that I got excited!

It's so exciting when someone else sees the beauty and unique appeal of our carefully selected products, like we do! So check out the FMC concrete bowls in the October issue of Food Network Magazine, out now!!!

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