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Throw Pillows (French Maison Collection)

By House of EMA


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These unique pillows are made by House of EMA, from quality designer fabrics sourced from Europe and South America, and are one-of-a-kind! Versatile and fun, they can be utilized anywhere in the home, including your bedroom or living room.They are a great addition to any home and will brighten your space.


Blue/Yellow French Maison square pillows: These pillows come in two different backings, one pair in yellow velvet, the other in blue velvet. The fronts are made from Trevina CS flame retardant fabric.  See below for a demonstration.

The pillows are shipped with polyfil inserts and care instructions are sewn on the inside. All zippers are hidden.

These top of the line fabrics need dry-cleaning and special care.


Here is a demostration of Trevino CS in action:


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