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Bandy Woodworks - Vendor Profile

Since its start in February 2011, Christopher Bandy’s line of handmade wood works has expanded to include environmentally friendly and non-toxic children's toys; cutting boards; wine racks, as well as custom furniture. With all wood sourced from local trees, which have either fallen down or were used for something other than their wood, items are Eco-friendly and are not finished in toxic chemicals.

We love his "Party of Four" wine glass rack because it is unique and pretty practical for people like us, who love to enjoy a glass of wine with friends. His approach to his craft and sustainability also big reasons his wine glass rack was the first outside addition to the Annie Housewife store.

Here is Christopher, featured on "The Makeshop Show", teaching kids how to work with wood themselves and make toys. He also teaches kids ballet, a remnant of his former career as a Ballet dancer.


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